I am Under 35    

This is an exciting time in your life, because you have your whole future ahead of you.  Fortunately, you also have the ability to take advantage of the most powerful component of a successful retirement plan, which is the TIME to take advantage of "Triple Compounding", and watch your account values grow.   The important thing at this point in time is to understand the Successful Financial Strategy Pyramid and the relationships between the various components, and then TAKE ACTION.

Traditional Retirement Planning used to talk about the Three Legged Stool approach.  One leg of the Stool was your Pension, another leg of the Stool was Social Security, and the Third Leg was your personal savings and assets.  For planning for your future, remember that at least 80% of your retirement income will be based upon your own personal assets - savings, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401K, IRA's, etc. 

Learn to "Pay Yourself First", and you will have a much brighter future.

If you do not do an adequate job of "Paying Yourself First", your retirement will become a Four Legged Stool, with the fourth leg representing having to work at a job like Walmart, Wendy's or McDonanld's.   You can choose make sacrifices today, or make sacrifices tomorrow.  The choice is yours.

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Step A  

Have a  3 - 6 month Emergency Fund
in savings or money market funds


   Credit Management 

Cash Management


Cash Flow


Step B

Permanent Life Insurance
adequate to help in retirement


Insuring My

How Much
Do I Need?

Step C

Maximize 401K matched
contribution ( if vesting period ok)


401K Plans

Value of
Tax Defer
Step D

Maximize Roth IRA contribution
or Roth 401K if available


What is a

Step E

Start your investment education

Mutual Funds
vs Stocks

My Net

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